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Dental Aesthetic Uplift 专业牙科美容

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dental aesthetic requires the fine balance of artistic and scientific touch to provide you the most pleasing looks and at the same time functionally comfortable. Everyone is a special individual , and there are a variety of ways to achieve the best result. The key is accurate assessment to tailor the most suitable plan for you. Your smile is the highlight to your attractiveness and it should complement your overall looks, personality and even budget.

The picture shows an actual case of Dr Hoe


每个人都不同,每个人也必须要有属于适合自己的配方。 这里我们依据每个人独特的情况配置最适合,最保护健康的配方。包括冷光,树脂,陶瓷或是微整。



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