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No More Painful Dental Numbing 彻底告别牙齿手术疼痛的恐惧,再也不怕麻醉疼痛 !

The WAND STA™ system is a DIGITAL PLATFORM to administer anesthesia in a controlled

manner in dental patients that produces minimal discomfort, avoids stress and reduces or eliminates pain. It is the innovative and proven alternative to the traditional syringe.

Benefits with THE WAND STA™:

  • Virtually painless anesthesia: more comfortable and better patient compliance

  • Increased predictability and success with DPS technology

  • Faster onset of profund anesthesia

  • A single tooth and associated gingival tissue anesthetized with one injection with no collateral numbness on cheek, lips and tongue

  • The lower pressure during the injection causes less discomfort during administration and less post-operative discomfort

美国The STA System口腔无痛注射麻醉技术优点:



3、独特单颗牙麻醉技术, 减少注射点, 麻醉范围极小。



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