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Dental Crown and Bridges 牙冠与牙桥

Dental crown and bridge functions as giving a protective cap to a broken tooth or use the caps to support a middle artificial tooth.

Dental crowns and bridges are beautiful, natural, stable, long lasting and they give one of the best biting experience compared to dentures.


Picture as actual case by Dr Hoe

牙冠就如一个保护的帽子,保护着损坏,脆弱,和有裂痕的牙齿。牙冠非常自然,美观,实用。牙桥这是使用两个牙冠支撑中间的牙齿。 牙冠和牙桥绝对是优于牙桥的,无论咬合或是舒适感。


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