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Crown lengthening 牙冠延长术

Have a smile with too much gum show? No worries, a crown lengthening surgery helps to recreate the perfect gum tooth ratio. Furthermore, some tooth that are badly broken down can still be salvaged through crown lengthening surgery, to lengthen the crown and provide more space for repair.

Picture as actual case by Dr Hoe

牙冠延长术(crown lengthening surgery)的目的是在符合牙周生物学宽度的原则下,暴露更多的健康牙体组织,通过手术的方法,去除一定的牙龈和牙槽骨,使牙齿的暴露量增加,以进行下一步的修复或改善牙龈形态的美观。

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