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Dental Surgeon


Dr Hoe gained his Master's of Clinical Dentistry title after completing his masters training in King's College London. Dr hoe is also an associate fellow of the College of General Dentistry (UK).​Dr Hoe focuses his practice on Dental Prosthodontics. Dental Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry which restores a broken, unesthetic dentition into a functional and beautiful one. 


何医生专注于口腔修复科,透过修复破损或不美观的牙齿带给病人舒适和美丽的咬合与笑容。何医生毕业于英国伦敦国王学院牙科系的硕士,专修口腔修复科。​专业领域 :

  • 植牙 (单颗,多颗,或全口)

  • 植牙支撑假牙

  • Locator 支撑假牙

  • 陶瓷或树脂贴片

  • ​牙冠牙桥

  • 口腔手术

  • ​笑气消除恐惧



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Dental Surgeon


Dr. Low Hong Yun obtained his Bachelor's of Dental Surgery from the Malacca-Manipal Medical College. After graduation, he obtained his trainign from both the goverment and private sector and has been practicing dentistry for more than 7 years. 


Dr Low deeply understands the public's fear of dental care. Therefore, Dr. Low vowed to follow the "gentle approach" to eliminate the patients' fear for dental care and raise public awareness of dental health through education. Dr. Low firmly believes that prevention is better than cure and aspires a "life long healthy dentition" for all. 


Professional skills:

  • Orthodontics

  • Basic Dental Treatment

  • Pediatric Dentistry

刘宏鋆医生毕业于马六甲-马尼泊医学院,毕业后在政府与私人牙科企业服务,并且拥有七年的丰富牙科临床经验。 刘医生深知公众对牙科保健的恐惧。因此,刘医生力求以《温和与温柔》的治疗方针消除患者对看牙的恐惧,并通过教育提高公众对牙齿健康的意识。



刘医生坚信预防胜于治疗,并渴望人人都能拥有“健康的牙齿相伴一生“! 另外刘医生也奉行匠心牙科的《匠心比心》治疗原则,求将牙科工作做到最高品质,关注每一个细节,力求在您看得的与看不到的地方,都同样用心。



  • 种植牙

  • 绑牙

  • 基本牙科治疗

  • 儿童牙科



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Dental Surgeon

Dr. Yap Kok Shein Mason叶国贤医生

Dr. Mason Yap obtained his Bachelor's of Dental Surgery from SEGi University and has trained extensively in both government and private sectors. Since beginning his practice in 2017, Dr. Yap has been committed to excellence in dentistry, providing top-tier dental care tailored to each individual's needs. With a passion for his work and a deep care for his patients, Dr. Yap is not just a dentist; he's a dental care partner who believes in a holistic approach to health, ensuring that every treatment plan supports your overall well-being.​


Dr. Yap is not only passionate about delivering the best possible care but is also dedicated to staying at the forefront of dental medicine. He continuously seeks out the latest research and training to bring innovative treatments to his practice, ensuring that his patients benefit from the most advanced dental care available. 


Professional skills:

  • Basic Dental Treatment

  • Removable Prosthesis (SEMCD Suction Denture)

  • Implant Dentistry

  • Root Canal Therapy

  •  Orthodontic






  • 种植牙

  • 基础牙科治疗

  • 吸附式义齿SEMCD

  • 植牙牙科

  • 根管治疗

  • 正畸

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Dental Surgeon

Dr. Leong Yu Hung梁宇恒医生

Dr. Leong Yu Hung, a dedicated graduate from AIMST University with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, has built a career distinguished by commitment to patient care and continuous learning. Throughout his university years, he enriched his expertise by working as a dental assistant in various clinics, absorbing knowledge from numerous practitioners.​After his graduation, Dr. Leong served in the Health Ministry of Malaysia, contributing significantly to the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at Hospital Sultan Ismail in Johor Bahru (HSIJB) and the Pediatric Dentistry Department at Hospital Sultan Aminah in Johor Bahru (HSAJB). He further augmented his experience in the private sector, utilizing every opportunity to refine his skills.​


Dr. Leong is guided by the principle of 'Do No Harm', prioritizing patient safety and comfort. He fosters trust through clear communication, ensuring patients are well-informed about their treatments. 


His expertise spans:

  • Root Canal Therapy

  • Minor Oral Surgery

  • Restorative Dentistry​​









  • ​种植牙

  • 根管治疗

  • 小型口腔手术

  • 修复性牙科

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